Our surgeons

Dr Peter Hadden

Specialist eye surgeon

“I think that one of the best things about ophthalmology is that people can walk in with an eye problem and walk out with it fixed. In many other branches of medicine, things often take a long time and involve long stays in hospital with multiple drugs, but ophthalmology is just not like that.”

Dr Nick Mantell

Specialist eye surgeon

“This is life-changing for people, that’s what I love.”

Prof Charles McGhee

Specialist eye surgeon

“The best clinical practice in ophthalmology requires significant experience informed by the highest-quality, up-to-date, clinical research”

Dr Jay Meyer

Specialist eye surgeon

“My passion is improving patients’ vision and quality of life”

Dr Graham Reeves

Specialist eye surgeon

“It is incredibly rewarding to see the joy of patients’ whose sight I have restored”

Dr Peter Ring

Specialist eye surgeon

“My focus is on using my experience and the latest techniques to greatly enhance the lives of my patients”

Dr Shanu Subbiah

Specialist eye surgeon

“When it comes to eye surgery there is no "one size fits all". My treatment is personalised to you.”

Dr Adam Watson

Specialist eye surgeon

“The joy of my job is that I can make a huge difference to people in a short time.”

Dr William Cunningham

Specialist eye surgeon

“Helping people by delivering expert ophthalmic care. That's what matters to me.”

Prof Helen Danesh-Meyer

Specialist eye surgeon

“Vision is the most precious thing. Nothing less than perfection is enough.”

Dr Simon Dean

Specialist eye surgeon

“What I enjoy about eye surgery, it is one of the only branches of medicine where we get to actually fix things – a cataract can never grow back!”

Dr Narme Deva

Cataract Surgery / Retinal Disease

“It is a privilege to do what I do - Vision is priceless”

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