Eye Institute Optometry Education Programme

As part of our strong commitment to supporting educational development in ophthalmology we run a continuous range of education opportunities and events across the year. 

All activities are eligible for CPD and/or Clinical Diagnosis points.

Register for the Eye Institute Education Programme

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Register for the Eye Institute Education Programme

Register online


Eye Institute Annual One Day Scientific Conference

This is an annual full-day conference normally scheduled for the first Sunday in November. This conference focuses on numerous rapid-fire lectures applying evidence-based medicine to everyday optometry practice. Lectures are from an invited keynote speaker and Eye Institute's experienced surgeons.

Eye Institute Evening Seminars

These evening seminars are designed to pack as much useful educational material as possible into a convivial evening meeting. 

Clinic Visits

Join a surgeon to sit in on their clinics and gain valuable insights into clinical decision making, and have the opportunity to see a wide variety of eye problems. This can be with the surgeon of your choice or we can suggest a surgeon to observe based on your area/s of interest. 

Small-Group Education Events

Regular small group meetings focus in depth on clinical care, diagnostic techniques with new technology, and have opportunities for hands-on experience whenever possible.

Mentored Optometry Peer-Review Meetings

Optometrists present their own cases to a group of their peers, with advice and mentoring from the ophthalmologist/s. These meetings can also be attended from anywhere via a live Internet link that the Eye Institute can assist you to set up on request.


If you’d like more information about any of these opportunities please call us on 0800 99 2020 or email professionaleducation@eyeinstitute.co.nz

In light of Covid-19, we are taking additional steps to ensure the safety of our patients and our staff when they visit one of our clinics:

  1. We have set up pre-screening stations before entering the clinic and turning away any suspected cases
  2. We are disinfecting all surfaces between each patient
  3. We are adhering to all social distancing protocols in both our clinics and our theatres
  4. We are offering virtual consultations for any patient that would rather see us from the comfort of their own home



Alternatively you can call us on 0800 99 2020 to speak to one of our friendly customer care consultants.