What is laser vision correction?

A way to live life without the hassle and restrictions of glasses or contacts.

Laser eye surgery, also called laser vision correction, is eye surgery that involves the use of a laser to change the shape of the surface of your eye (the cornea) to remove any focusing error, just like wearing a pair of glasses or contact lenses does, but permanently.

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Laser Assessment Terms and Conditions:

  • Patients are eligible for the initial free laser assessment on condition that they have no history of previous eye surgery (including previous laser surgery).
  • The initial free laser assessment is only available to patients whom are seeking laser vision correction and is not applicable to any other treatment type.


What are the different types of laser eye surgery?


In a LASIK procedure, a flap in the cornea is created, and the laser vision correction takes place deep within the cornea, rather than on the surface.

LASIK is a more advanced form of laser eye surgery that can treat a broader range of vision imperfections, and offers many other benefits as well. Find out more about the benefits of LASIK here. 

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Blade-free LASIK

I keep hearing about blade-free LASIK. What’s that?

In the early days of LASIK, the corneal flap was created using a blade called a microkeratome. Nowadays most clinics, including ours, use another laser – called a femtosecond laser – to create the corneal flap.

The use of a second laser instead of a blade gives patients much clearer vision, particularly at night, and reduces complications, making laser eye surgery safer than ever.

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Eyewear costs vs LASIK treatment costs

Amount spent per year on glasses/contact lenses
Total cost of glasses/lenses over a 10 year period


Laser eye treatment x 1 eye (once only cost)


Laser eye treatment x 2 eyes (once only cost)



Easy payment plans for eye surgery – in association with Latitude Financial Services

The cost of many eye surgery procedures, including LASIK laser vision correction, can be financed with an easy payment plan. There are several plans available from our finance partner Latitude Financial Services that can help you spread the cost of your eye surgery - 12 to 14 months for LASIK and 6 to 12 months for other surgeries. 

Terms and Conditions: Please note the following information regarding Latitude Financial Services: Monthly repayment amounts are indicative only. Credit and lending criteria, $55 establishment fee and $52 annual account fee apply. Prevailing interest rate applies to outstanding balance at the expiry of any promotional period (24.99% for Gem Visa, 29.95% for CreditLIne).


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In light of Covid-19, we are taking additional steps to ensure the safety of our patients and our staff when they visit one of our clinics:

  1. We have set up pre-screening stations before entering the clinic and turning away any suspected cases
  2. We are disinfecting all surfaces between each patient
  3. We are adhering to all social distancing protocols in both our clinics and our theatres
  4. We are offering virtual consultations for any patient that would rather see us from the comfort of their own home



Alternatively you can call us on 0800 99 2020 to speak to one of our friendly customer care consultants.